Emily Gabrian | Life-Cycle Celebrant


Though it is always hard to lose a loved one, a memorial is truly a celebration of life in which you get to remember and honor all of the good in your loved one and the good times you shared together.

I take great care in working to create an experience that will help you to feel as though your loved one is well-honored.

During this time, I will work with you to pay homage the life of you or your loved one with authenticity and respect.


Any setting, including green burials and home funerals.

  • No obligation meeting with Celebrant 

  • Custom memorial service, with optional eulogy

  • Revisions as needed

  • A keepsake copy of the memorial

What to expect from our time together:

As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, my role is to reflect the wishes of the living, while honoring the personality, beliefs and values of the life being honored. I meet with the family (or whomever is responsible for planning the service and knows the deceased) for 1 to 3 hours to I can learn about their life and the family’s preferences and needs.

From there, I compose a service including a eulogy or life biography as determined by the family.  The Celebrant memorial takes into consideration participation by family, friends, and those people and elements (music, art, nature, community, etc.) important to the life being honored.

Once the entire draft of the service is complete, I deliver it to the client to review for accuracy and authenticity.

On the day of the ceremony/service I arrive a half hour to 45 minutes before the service (in the meantime I have coordinated with the funeral home director or wherever the service is to be held about logistics).  I officiate while delivering the ceremony from a presentation binder that I hold, or stand at a podium. If the group is small (less than 50 people) I do not need amplification.   

The family also receives a final, keepsake copy of the ceremony.